Growing up in a home with a mother and grandmother who loved antiques, fabrics, and all things beautiful served as a daily lesson in design for Holly. Her mother, a talented painter and clay artist, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the arts while her grandmother taught her to sew and infused in her a passion for fabrics. Holly’s destiny as an interior designer should have been evident at a young age when she built her own Barbie house and rearranged the furnishings on a daily basis. Instead, she took a detour to follow her love of helping people and earned her Master’s degree in social work. This degree has helped her tremendously in her design work. The ability to listen to and understand a client’s wishes is essential in translating those wishes into a beautiful end result.

Holly’s goal with every project is to create an environment that is a unique expression of the client, one that addresses the way they live and also expresses their personal style. She prides herself on working with any budget, no matter how big or small. Whether it is heirloom antiques or treasured flea market finds, it is the artful combination of these pieces that begins to create the story. Every home is unique and has a story to tell. Holly would love to help you create your home’s story.